“Look well to the spine for the causes of disease.” Hippocrates


I feel extremely confident and effective with my techniques especially for the upper cervical region

John T. DPT

Reinforced patient education as an integral part of the treatment program. Provided evidence based support of spinal manipulations, despite the speculations. Offered several techniques to improve the speed of recovery for patients.

Matt L. DPT

I definitely recommend this course to any PT who treats the spine. Not only did I learn great techniques but the diagnoses of different spinal disorders was extremely great. 

Enrique R. DPT

I was so happy to learn techniques for the whole spine in one class. I am looking forward to using these techniques on Monday

Nancy G. MPT

I was finally able to assess properly and perform a C/S HVLAT. We never learned this is school nor did I feel comfortable with it and now I feel that I can use this technique safely and effectively to help my patients.

Gillian F. DPT

The techniques are easy to learn and extremely effective. 

Gabriel V. PTA

The techniques are fantastic and Armia makes it very easy to learn. 

Ashley M. DPT

Majority of the class was lab which I was great. I felt allowing that much time to learn the techniques really gave me the time to really get the hang of it. 

Edward L. DPT

Not only are the techniques great but I learned a lot about the spine. I feel more confident in screening, diagnosing, and treating the spine. 

Sylvia V. MPT