Deep Neck Flexor Facilitation Using Cervical Manipulation

With the advancement of technology, we have found ourselves reverting to postures that are extremely detrimental to our health and well being. As a result of this we will all be plagued with neck pain at some point in our lives.

The reason these poor postures can negatively affect our spines has a lot to do with the mechanical disadvantage our spines are in during these postures. Our spines fit together like well-organized puzzles pieces and when they compress into each other they begin to malfunction. Likewise, the surrounding muscles are either stretched, or compressed as well making them perform poorly. The end result of these postures are stiff joints resulting in the inability to access the surrounding muscles. These are short term negative effects but when they become a chronic state then we start to see substantial long term stiffness and weakness in the muscles.

A study by Dunning in 2012 has shown that spinal manipulation is not only effective in pain relief and range of motion, but can also improve how muscle work. “Cervical manipulation has shown to increase DNF recruitment by an average of 3.4 mmHG using CCFT” (cranio-cervical flexion test). This is approximately 12-15% increase in strength, immediately after performing a cervical HVLAT.

Spinal Manipulation has been shown to improve joint stiffness, but can also be used to increase activation of the deep stabilizers of the spine needed to prevent long term pain and disability.